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When will they ever learn?

Posted by rom on February 23, 2005

Each person has a threshold for pain – with some withstanding pain far longer than others. However, how long do you think will one be blind enough to see that they are spending more time (and money) worrying about trojans, worms, viruses and other stuff that make one crazy enough to just kick the computer out of the door?!

I am just curious as to when these people will say “enough!” and dump Windows in favor of a far better and secure OS like Linux, Mac OS X or BSD.

In a university like Yale, a lot of faculty, students and staff know better than the average computer user. I wish that our users here can prove the same thing – that they are far smarter than your average joe! 🙂

Incidentally, the Cult of the Mac is really true! Once you get bitten by the bug, you will crave for more of those products from Apple. Funny thing, though, there is no such a thing as Cult of the Windows or something. You will not find someone put a Windows sticker (if there is one) on their car bumper. Come to think of it, how come you get to see a lot of Macs in popular TV series – where are the Windows computers?


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