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Posted by rom on February 21, 2005

It is the time of year when the Photo Marketing Association of the USA holds its Expo. So far, a lot of new photo gear such as the new Sony cameras, updated lenses, new models of various storage formats, etc. One thing that caught my eye is the new Canon 350D, the replacement of their successful Digital Rebel. I had that feeling that Canon will release something to compete against the Nikon D70, which was release a year after they released the Digital Rebel. It is a good thing that my wife and I waited til PMA ’05. Now that the 350D out, I am sure that it will be priced similarly as the 300D. Will probably grab one when I go to the US this June. At least it will be cheaper there than locally. 🙂

Another camera that I want to get is one I mentioned in my blog entries last month — the Kodak EasyShare One. Yes, this one has a built-in WiFi! COOLNESS!!!!

If you want to see updated PMA ’05 news, go to (in no order) DP Review, Imaging Resource and Rob Galbraith’s Pro site, my three top digicam sites. Wait, I have another one, Steve’s Digicams, too – completing the digital photography URLs in my bookmark bar. 🙂

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