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Doing the iPod Shuffle

Posted by rom on February 17, 2005

I thought that the iPod Shuffle won’t cut it for me. After several days of use, I love this little critter! Yes, my podcasting is still intact – what I do is simply put the podcasts at the top of the playlist and play it sequentially until I have exhausted all new podcasts for the day. I then switch the iPod Shuffle to shuffle mode for the rest of the music. Ain’t it cool?

I am still looking for the best case for MicroMe (my iPod Mini is named MiniMe) and I think the Sports Case is the best one so far. Although I have seen others like the aluminum case, I still think that the Sports Case is way better.

So – here’s what my iPods are doing now:

  1. 3rd Gen 40GB – external storage (back-up)
  2. iPod Mini – my preferred “full” iPod package
  3. 1GB iPod Shuffle – my everyday companion

How about you?


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