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Close call

Posted by rom on February 14, 2005

This morning, I tried to record something using the Line-In port of the powerbook. The audio, however, was not recorded. I, then, tried to use a Canon camera’s audio out to record and see how it will work but unfortunately, iMovie needs a video feed to import (makes sense? hehe) the audio. I panicked and called my reseller to ask how to diagnose this critter and the advice was to test the hardware.

I ran the Hardware Test and the powerbook passed after 30 minutes of diagnostics! I tried to record again but no luck! I am now a bit frustrated — thinking that I have to go see the reseller on Wednesday to have Imp checked.

When I got home, I tried to test it again — this time using Garageband to capture the input and I piped the output of my 40GB 3rd gen iPod to the Line-In port. Played one of Charlotte Church’s song and lo and behold! It worked! YAHOO!!! Imp is not sick!

*Whew* it was indeed a close call. Now I can get one of those USB Mic. 🙂

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