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Browser wars continued

Posted by rom on February 9, 2005

I was writing a blog entry on Camino, a Mac OS X exclusive Mozilla browser project, and praising it for not having the shortcomings of Firefox (compatibility with CodeTek’s VirtualDesktop), Apple’s Safari (compatibility with my bank) and Opera (compatibility with my bank). However, when I hit on Preview in my blog editor, the entire entry went to the cyber-blackhole and nowhere to be found! ARGH! It was rather a lengthy entry. Oh well – you cannot have them all.

Anyway, to sum up what got lost – Joel, a friend of mine, informed me of the web browser test (click on his name here to go to his blog) that was conducted to compare popular browsers on Linux, Windows and Mac. Camino came out as one of the best for the Mac OS X platform.

Try it out and see. Just keep Firefox, Opera and Safari as back-up browsers while ensuring that you dump MS Internet Explorer to the Trash.

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