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Some people never learn…

Posted by rom on February 5, 2005

SF Gate article is about how the author’s significant other (SO) struggled with her Windows computer a few minutes after getting online. Now that she has shifted to the Mac, she still gets occassional application problems — mostly from a Microsoft application! Shesh!

The only Microsoft products in my powerbook is the bundled Internet Explorer, which is old and should never be used, and VirtualPC running Windows XP Professional. I installed VPC just so I could connect to Chikka and use their IM client to send/receive SMS messages for free. However, ever since they removed their message prefix, “Sent from Chikka”, which allows users to know that the SMS came from Chikka, I have blocked practically ALL Chikka requests from friends. Now that I no longer use Chikka, I can delete VirtualPC now. I don’t use it anymore.

I never even considered installing Microsoft’s Windows Media Player for the Mac to play those WMA and WMV files. I use VLC instead.

Anyway, going back to the article , I am wondering why people love to experience pain inspite of glaring evidences that Microsoft’s OS only bring about a lot of it.

My question now is – aren’t you fed up using Windows and dealing with these problems?

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