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Browser Wars

Posted by rom on January 31, 2005

I have been using Opera 8, Safari and Firefox 1.0 web browsers for quite some time now. Opera 8, being beta, crashed so much that I have decided to use it sparingly. However, I reverted back to Opera 7 and so far, it is stable.

Firefox works and is more stable. However, it does not work properly when you have CodeTek’s Virtual Desktop. Sometimes you cannot input anything on a text field and the only solution, so far, is to switch to another desktop and back to Firefox. It is a minor thing but I am hoping that CodeTek will soon fix it (it has been forever since I reported this and the reply was that they’re working on the next version — meaning, I need to give them more money to make it work!). Oh well.

Safari, of course, is very stable. However, there are sites that are rendered better on Firefox than on Safari. Besides, Firefox is faster than Safari but Opera is the fastest, imho.

I am still playing with these browsers as I type — so, no verdict yet. I love Firefox since it is Open Source, Safari is great but I am waiting for version 2.0 and Opera is great when it is not crashing. 🙂

Today, I am on Opera mode.

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