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Digital Signatures Made Easy

Posted by rom on January 22, 2005

I have been using Apple’s for more than a year now and I have a digital certificate associated with one of the mail accounts to allow me to sign and/or encrypt my email. However, getting it to work is quite complicated – actually, it is the process of having the digital certificate enabled that is complicated.

Anyway, I found a rather easy way of having a secure mail delivery system. Ciphire Labs came up with a cross-platform middleware that processes outgoing and incoming mail on a registered email address. Ciphire Mail, as the product is called, is very easy to install – you just need to enter a passphrase for the application and enrol your email address(es). The system will then take care of generating the certificates and also the processing of incoming and outgoing email. Email sent to a Ciphire Mail user gets automatically encrypted until it reaches the recipients Ciphire Mail, which then decrypts it. Email sent to non-Ciphire Mail users only get an digitally-signed email. Neat, huh?

Frankly, after enrolling some of my mail addresses, I hardly notice that it is running and doing its job. Only when I send email from an unregistered address that I get to notice it because it prompts me if I want to register the email address.

Overall, this is a neat application. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and what is better is that it will be open sourced soon!


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