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Digital Pinay 2005

Posted by rom on January 20, 2005

The Philippine Computer Society launched a search for the Digital Pinay Professional and Co-Ed. It has, however, solicited a lot of negative reactions from IT professionals such as my friends, Sacha Chua and Dominique Cimafranca.

I cannot help but react as well. I am just wondering why they are specifically having a ‘pageant’ instead of simply honouring IT professionals regardless of gender. I have nothing against Women in IT, in fact, I think there are more female in UP’s Computer Science student population than male. I just find it rather disturbing that a national organization such as PCS will go to this extreme of simply singling out females in IT.

Anyway, I have nothing against PCS – I know Leo Querubin, the Special Projects committee chair – and I am not a member of PCS. I’d rather be part of organizations such as IEEE and ACM. đŸ™‚


One Response to “Digital Pinay 2005”

  1. M said

    I don’t like the pageant idea either. When I first saw the ad in the local tech rags, my immediate reaction was — What’s up with that?!It’s bad enough that the local IT industry is so obviously dominated by the “old boys club”, and that powerful women in local IT are referred to as “dragon ladies” in disparaging tones… now along comes this pageant, which seems to imply that women in IT should be valued more for their looks than for their skills.

    I’m not a believer in women’s lib, nor am I a feminist. But the whole pageant thing just strikes the wrong cord.

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