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MMDA’s Wet Flag drive

Posted by rom on January 17, 2005

I just saw the news today and found out that the MMDA is starting its Wet Flag drive – wherein they have a wet piece of cloth hanging on the side of an MMDA truck and sweeps away commuters waiting on the road instead of the side walk or bus stops.

What the hell are they thinking? This one is for the record books, I must say. The idea is plain and simple — yes, plain and simply stupid! These commuters will not wait for their rides if the drivers of these buses and other public utility vehicles (puv) are disciplined enough to stop only at designated areas! Why can’t they do this instead of this ridiculous Wet Flag drive? I mean — if they are desperate, employ the public to help monitor these drivers – offer them rewards instead of spending for projects like this one! Imagine – have a fund drive that will reward someone a sum of money, say 5000, to whoever can report (and possibly take a photo of) the most number of violating puvs! I am sure that a lot of people will participate! 🙂

These abusive drivers should be the ones to be disciplined. They are far less than the number of commuters. If the drivers only stop at designated places and refuse to allow passengers to get off anywhere they like, the commuters will surely follow.

MMDA – please re-think your projects! I do not know who conceptualized this Wet Flag drive but I do think that he/she suggested this as a joke or something!


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