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My new desktop computer

Posted by rom on January 12, 2005

Apple’s Steve Jobs just announced new products a few hours ago at the MacWorld 2005, San Francisco, keynote. There a lot of very interesting products such as:

iLife 05


iPod Shuffle

Mac Mini

I will definitely get one of those Mac Minis! It is one hell of a machine for home users. I have my powerbook for power applications so that is fine. I may also get iWork but only for Keynote 2! I use Office suite for my spreadsheet and LaTeX for my documents.

Mac OS X 10.4 or Tiger will be available first half of this year. That is another purchase for me! Yes, Spotlight, iChat and the new video codec are worth the extra $129!

And oh – the presentation of Jobs did not come without a hitch but it is not as fatal as the BSOD! 😀


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