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My next compact camera…

Posted by rom on January 9, 2005

I am currently using the Digital ixus 30 (SD300) as my everyday travel companion. My DSLR is just too heavy and expensive to carry everyday – not unless I am on a phototrek or there is an event that I am covering. For my everyday snapshots, my SE K700i’s camera, although sufficient for MMS, is not sufficient for “keepers”, so to speak. The Digital ixus 30 has better optics than its 4.0 megapixel brother, ixus 40, according to the reputable review sites such as Imaging Resource and Steve’s Digicams. I wish that DP Review will review both cameras as well.

Anyway, Kodak has announced another innovative point-and-share camera. Yes, it is no longer point-and-shoot, according to Kodak. Anyway, I have been a fan of their DC series of cameras, having owned a DC260, DC290, DC4800 and even their DCS315 at one point. The DC290 and DC4800 are still with me and still take good pictures but their processing speed is nowhere near the current crop of point-and-shoot.

The innovative Digita-enabled digital cameras, the last one being the DC290, were great! Imagine being able to program your camera with an easy to use scripting language? Cool, huh? Well, I am wondering why Kodak decided to drop it. I have won a brand-new DC290 with one of my scripts! 🙂

Well, this year, Kodak announced this

It is called the EASYSHARE-ONE Zoom Digital Camera, the first one of its kind. A point-and-share camera that has a touch screen display (not a first) but has two SD slots – one for additional storage and another one for SDIO WiFi connection! Yes, the camera is WiFi enabled. Think about it — no need to remove the SD card from your camera and simply transfer the images to your computer or even to the an image-sharing site, Ofoto, on the net! To add to that, its 3″ swivelling LCD screen allows you to frame your movies as well (and use the 3X zoom lens while capturing video!). As the infomercials often say, BUT WAIT, this 4Megapixel camera comes with a whooping built-in 256MB of memory! Add a 512MB and you are off to take hundreds of photos already!

One downside as compared to my ixus is its burst mode – can only burst up to 6 images vs the virtually unlimited images for my ixus. This one, however, may replace my ixus. Watch Ebay, I may just auction my ixus 30 as soon as I get this one.


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