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Exciting new products for 2005

Posted by rom on January 9, 2005

Well, Microsoft, in its efforts to pacify its users and solve spyware, bought another company and packaged its products as Microsoft’s own. Yeah, Microsoft cannot solve the spyware problem – problem that it created itself by their not-secure-by-design design of their operating systems and applications.

Anyway, here is what is funny – to promote their new anti-spyware program, Microsoft released this advert.

Yes, definitely download it – IF you can! Yeah, if you can download Mac OS, which this portable computer is running on, then you will definitely save your computer from spyware! Hehehe. I am not sure how long Microsoft will keep this image on its server, though. They have replaced it with a Windows-based notebook already. Hehehe…

Speaking of new products, Motorola and Apple announced their new iTunes-enabled cellphone. The gizmodo article displays a Motorola E398 look-alike – or perhaps it is the same phone with a new firmware. I am hoping that this new phone will have iSync support, bluetooth remote control and perhaps a 2GB internal memory for the music. Now this may be my next phone! Woohooo!!


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