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Future looks bleak for Windows users

Posted by rom on January 7, 2005

At the 2005 annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Microsoft chairman’s keynote went bonkers by having his demo computer freeze up and refuse to respond to his commands!

And on another demo, the crowd was treated with what they’re all familiar with – the blue screen of death. Coolness, huh?

Add this to the recent announcements that the 64-bit version of Windows XP will no longer be released, Longhorn will be released as Shorthorn by removing some of the features that Microsoft has been bragging about and Microsoft Media Player getting unbundled from the operating system package when released in Europe – well, future seems to be all too bright for the microserfs! 🙂

With MacWorld Expo 2005 just a few days away and Apple now slashing off hundreds of dollars from its current product line up, I wonder what products will be released next week! Let’s see if the computer of Jobs will freeze up. Let’s see how Mac OS X stacks up against whatever latest incarnation of the Windows operating system.


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