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The Holiday that isn’t…

Posted by rom on December 28, 2004

Well, inspite of taking some time off to celebrate the birth of Christ, the two-week long holiday is turning out to be more work for me than rest! 😦

Yes, I just finished a proposal for a friend and I might end up writing another one tomorrow. I just hope that these were done BEFORE the break but heck, sometimes you just do not have any choice. No, not that I am complaining or wait, I AM complaining! But then again, looking at the bright side, it is a good way to end 2004 and start 2005 busy with proposals for projects. I think 2005 will be a far better year for me than 2004!

I just wish the proposals for the projects materialize so that all the time and effort I’ve spent will be worth it. πŸ˜€

To make matters worse, my cellphone SIM conked out! I couldn’t send SMS but I could reply to an SMS. I could send MMS, too. Shesh! It was really a funny but annoying experience. My Globe SIM wouldn’t allow me to set the SMS Type to TEXT on my K700i. The phone just didn’t want me to initiate an SMS message! I have transferred my SIM to the iPaq 6365 and it worked. Used another Globe SIM on my K700i and it worked as well. Shesh! Went to Globe and all they did was use a Nokia to set the SMS Type to Text and handed it back to me and all’s well! ARGH!!!! Oh well…


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