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Personal: Happy Birthday Jesus!

Posted by rom on December 25, 2004

Christmas is a time for the family to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. However, I am wonder how many people still remember that it is His Birthday and unless you’re born on the same day, you shouldn’t be expecting to receive presents but instead giving them. 😀

What was/were your memorable Christmas(es)? In my short existence here on Earth so far, I have had my share of memorable Christmases. One was a Christmas when my paternal grandfather was still alive (I never had a chance to meet my maternal grandfather, unfortunately). Lolo, as the Filipino word for grandfather, was the glue that bound the entire family together — bound his 14 children and their families! I remember the time when most of our relatives who’re based overseas came home to celebrate Christmas in the Philippines. It was an unending Christmas celebration — from the eve of Christmas, which was when one of my aunt celebrates her birthday until the 26th, my mom and cousin’s birthdays. Food overflowed, everyone stayed in the ancestral house in Quezon City and all the cousins had fun playing games. Boy, I do miss it. Today, each family grew apart with only a handful of brothers and sisters keeping close contact. One wish for this Christmas is to have a peaceful reunion for our family.

How many of you have spent Christmas alone BY CHOICE? Well, this is one of my memorable Christmas celebration as well. It was in 1995, I was alone in the apartment – my flatmates either went to their families or spent it with their friends. I chose to be alone to reflect on a very special occassion. It’s my only chance to be alone on Christmas. It was a solemn Christmas but had my Christmas dinner of menudo, ice cream cake, pasta and roast chicken (I think – don’t remember anymore). 😀

Another memorable Christmas was in 1997, my first Christmas with Charmagne, my wife. We were alone in England – no close friends, no family either. We just had a simple Christmas meal but we’re happy we have each other! 😀

The following Christmases are special in their own way – our first Christmas with our first born, Zoe. Christmas with our first son, Eco. First Christmas as a family in the Philippines with Oz and this Christmas, with our complete family including Zia.

Happy Christmas everyone! Thank God for all the blessings He gave us and hope that He will continue to bless us with health, happiness and a little bit of wealth. 😀


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