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Tama na, sobra na!

Posted by rom on December 21, 2004

Apologies for the title being in the vernacular.

I am just sick and tired of the way Filipinos sensationalize some rather unimportant events. The recent death of Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ) is a sad news indeed (condolences to his family). However, covering his wake on TV for practically 24 hours is a bit too much! Heck, this is NOT a national event! I’d rather see fund raising campaigns for the victims of the typhoon but no – local TV networks capitalize on other more “important” news! Yes, it is indeed SICK! Can’t they even give the family of FPJ some privacy? I am sure that some good for nothing politicians will capitalize on FPJ’s death. Shesh! And oh, network TV advisory — the funeral will preempt ALL morning shows tomorrow! What the…


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