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Wireless at last!

Posted by rom on December 14, 2004

Don’t get me wrong. I have been wireless for a long while already. Been wireless at the office and wireless at home – even before 802.11g came out!

Today, however, I managed to test my free PLDT WiFi access via Airborne Access at Seattle’s Best, Tomas Morato branch. It was not, however, without a slight problem. Well, I asked for ‘technical’ support on how I can use my PLDT MyPAD account to login but unfortunately the ‘baristas’ there didn’t know zit about it.

I just experimented with a Sony Clie and thought that it was the NetFront browser that is defective. Can’t blame me – a whole lot of sites do not support non-IE browsers (and these sites should be banned!). Anyway, I then tried PocketIE, or whatever it is called now, on an iPAQ and was able to connect! GREAT! Free WiFi connection!

Feeling that it’d work on the Clie, I tried it again… and bingo! Was able to connect, too. 😀

Thanks, PLDT. I hope that this will be made free as part of our DSL subscription, just like Globe. 😛


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