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Mac Tablet

Posted by rom on December 13, 2004

From Slashdot:teknokracy writes “MacMod has a story about a unique Mac hack. Joseph DeRuvo Jr. says: “As a Photographer and a Dyslexic the idea of being able to use a Tablet as a platform for showing photographs, editing, and an extension of my badly organized memory is very appealing. … So taking matters into my own hands I cut into a Dual USB iBook and didn’t look back.” It seems our intrepid hardware hacker hasn’t just flipped around the LCD and added a semi-functioning touch screen – he’s completely engineered a new kind of mac portable, complete with a CF reader, properly installed touch sensor, and topped it all off by properly engineering it all into an Ives-worthy design. With all the trouble these particular iBook models have experienced, why not hack one up for fun and turn it in to something useful?”

Well, the TabletPC is one cool device but with very little following. I think the smartphones and PDAs are more in a position to get market share than the tablet. Now, if only Apple will release a Smartphone…


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