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Day of Video Conferences

Posted by rom on December 10, 2004

UPD-UCSD Video Conference
Originally uploaded by prof_x.

December 10, 2004 is a special day for us in UP Diliman. We have conducted two classes in conjunction with other classes from the US East and West Coast via video conferencing and at almost the same time.

The first one was between the CS196: Ethics and Professional Issues in Computing of UP Diliman and MIT’s Patent Law classes. This is actually a regular video conference between the two classes of UPD’s Prof. Feria and MIT’s Prof. Rines. The two classes usually meet “virtually” twice-thrice every semester.

The second conference was the first time that UCSD and UPD collaborated to teach Filipino to students, both in UPD and in UCSD, via the Internet. More sessions are being scheduled for next year.

Both video conferences were done at almost the same time at the Diliman Interactive Learning Center building (which also houses the technical team of the UP Computer Center).


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