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Marooned on an island!

Posted by rom on November 29, 2004

Yes, that was how it felt when I was offline for almost 24 hours! Yesterday morning, I was happily surfing the ‘net when suddenly, my Airport Extreme Base Station started to re-connect. Apparently, my PLDT DSL connection went bonkers. Normally, a modem reset is all that is required but this time, it took a long time for the AEBS to get an IP address. I thought that my AEBS was acting up so I transferred the DSL connection to my Netgear router – same thing. I couldn’t get some feedback so I directly connected the DSL modem to the computer and logged the errors – Username unknown. WEIRD!

I called PLDT’s 173 and informed them of the problem. I informed them that I couldn’t connect. They called their DataNet services and asked for help – ‘pinged’ my modem and tested the line. Everything’s ok. I told them that it is a problem with their server rejecting my login. As always, they said that they will send someone to check the connection. No matter how hard I tried informing them that is a problem on their end and not here so there is no need to send somebody — they insisted. Shesh!

This morning, I got a call from someone knowledgeable – FINALLY! I told the guy what the problem was — he called DataNet and bingo! We identified the culprit — they changed my login password without telling me! And to think that I even asked 173 if they’re still using the same username-password pair that I was using! SHESH!

Anyway, everything is back to normal! YAHOO! Oops, it is not normal — my cell provider’s down! YES, darn Globe is down at the moment and it affects the entire city! It was like this since this morning! Yes, isn’t it obvious that I am not amused?!

Wait… here it is — checking my K700i… bingo! Got signal back and now everything is back to normal. Whew!


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