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Gmail goes POP!

Posted by rom on November 18, 2004

I have been one of the lucky few who got a GMail invite early. (Thanks, Prem) I have been using it for quite awhile and I must admit that it is one nifty free 1GB web-based email account that easily rivals Yahoo! Mail (no, Hotmail is not even close!) or Spymac.

NOW, GMail is offering POP/SMTP access for free! This is much better than Yahoo! Mail’s free service since it does not allow POP access anymore but is quite inferior to Spymac’s IMAP services. But then again, POP access via TLS/SSL is sufficient for most users.

Now if it only works on my Sony-Ericsson K700i email client…


One Response to “Gmail goes POP!”

  1. M said

    Yeah! Galing, ‘no? Not only POP, but even auto-forwarding… and both free for the forseeable future. Coolness. 🙂

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