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Personal entry: Birthday

Posted by rom on November 10, 2004

Originally uploaded by prof_x.

Today marks the birthday of my eldest child, Zoe. Well, her real name is actually Gabrielle Rianna but we call her Zoe (don’t ask how we got it).

Here’s a photo of Zoe with her kindergarten teacher, teacher Kristine, of UP Integrated School. Zoe celebrates her 6th birthday today…

Today also marks the 38th birthday of a dear friend of mine, Boyet Benavides. I don’t know what else to wish for you but good health and more blessings since you have everything already… (yes, you have us for friends! What more can you ask for? hehehe). Happy birthday, Boyet!

Again, happy birthday, Zoe! May you have many more birthdays. God bless you. We love you.

One Response to “Personal entry: Birthday”

  1. boyetb said

    Happy Birthday Zoe, and to me also. Thanks Rommel for the friendship all through the years. Wishing the best for Zoe. With loving and caring parents, I am sure Zoe will grow up to be one fine young lady!

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