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Mobile Blogs

Posted by rom on November 7, 2004

Mobile blogging is faster alternative to blogging using your notebook or desktop computer. I have tried several mobile blog or moblog but I think I will stick to only one that serves both purposes as a photo repository and a moblog. Just a quick review on the moblogs I have tried.

1. TextAmerica. A popular moblog site but I personally find navigating thru the page rather confusing.

2. G-Blogs. The moblog service provided by my mobile phone provider, Globe Telecoms. Apart from the server being slow, it is exclusive to Globe subscribers only – even when just entering your comment, you need to be logged in (which requires a Globe cell number). One thing that is good about this is it is cheaper to post photos.

3. BuzzNet. I just found out about this site a few minutes ago and tried the service. It is similar to TextAmerica plus some. However, there is a 60 photo limit per month for the free services.

4. Flickr. This is my choice at the moment. It does have a 10MB bandwidth limit per month for the free service but you can store higher resolution images and archive it. It costs (uploading) the same as TextAmerica and BuzzNet but it allows me to use only blog instead of having a separate blog and moblog. Cool, huh? Yes, I am still thinking if I’m going to subscribe to get the premium services or not. We’ll see.

If you know of other moblog sites, please tell me. I am still looking for that one single solution to ‘problem’. 🙂


5 Responses to “Mobile Blogs”

  1. Here is a link listing a few alternatives:

  2. jowch said

    If you’re opting to pay for such services, you might as well get your own hosting and use a hack called MMSdiary… and all you have to do is change some MMS settings on your phone, and voila, instant moblog.

    here’s an example:

    my blog:
    my moblog:

  3. M said

    I’ve already plunked down money for a one-year Pro account at Flickr. Glad to know you like the service… if I remember correctly, I’m the one who introduced you to it. he-he!

  4. mac.n.tux said

    Am sorry but you did not introduce me to flickr. Found that out via a press release.

  5. M said

    Whoops! My bad! 🙂 haha!

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