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SunTech Days Manila

Posted by rom on November 4, 2004

The first SunTech Days in Manila started today with a huge kick-off from Mr. Matt Thompson announcing that Solaris will be open sourced soon! COOLNESS!!!!

The new Solaris 10 for x86 introduces the new file system, Zone(al) File System, which is basically like having multiple virtual machines per zone. To add to that, it runs Linux binaries natively – without the need to recompile it! Cool ain’t it?

When Open Solaris gets released – I think Sun is hoping that the Linux community will take a look at the new technologies Sun is giving away and hopefully add it to Linux and vice versa. Who wins in the end? The users, of course!

Frankly, this is one announcement that made my day! I am excited to get hold of Solaris 10 for x86.

The venue is just about right for the number of attendees. The food is great and what is more important, it is inclusive of the very affordable ‘entrance’ fee. The give-aways, however, are very nice — a messenger bag-backpack, a cool pen (which I have to ask Sun Philippines for another one) and a lot of other goodies such as sports bag, shoe bag, stress balls, mice, mouse pads, etc.

Tomorrow — the leather jacket will be raffled off to the one with the most unusual talent along with the Java-enabled mobile phones. I hope that we get another one of those messenger bags before we go home.

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