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mPULSE CIO Summit 2004

Posted by rom on October 30, 2004

It is halloween once again and maybe this is my version of the halloween memo or something. Today I am writing about an event that I attended…

The two-day Microsoft sponsored CIO Summit was held at the Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay City. I represented the University of the Philippines as part of the more than 70 CIOs from academe, government, telcos, call centers, semiconductor industry, etc.

The venue is very nice – just overlooks the Taal Volcano, which is at Alert Level 1. I admit that I was a bit worried because of the recent earthquake but hey, I made the most out of it and enjoyed my stay there. The room is very clean and large but the usual amenities that I look for in hotels are not available such as cotton buds, mouth wash, hand lotion, slippers, face towels and the most important of all, Internet connection. Internet connection is not available even in the lobby but I did not check the business center — I am sure that there is one there. The room also has a locked refrigerator (you need to pay a deposit to get the key) and a safe (which was locked and also required a deposit to have it unlocked).

Going to the mPULSE event — as expected in a company sponsored event, all presentations were riddled with Microsoft all over. Frankly, I enjoyed it even if most of the presentations are not applicable to my organization. What made it worth my while are the following:

1. Networking — I was able to network with the CIOs from different sectors. Networking with my colleagues from industry is a major achievement. It is very rare for us to meet and this venue proved to be a great vehicle for us to convene an academe-only event.

2. Microsoft Technology Overview — as one of the prime movers of technology in UP, it is crucial for me to know what technologies are available – either Open Source, which is preferred, or commercial software. There is only (or two) technologies from Microsoft that interest me — Virtual PC (which I am using) and Virtual Server (expected release in 2005). The other technologies are nice to have but really not applicable to us since there are Open Source alternatives available.

3. Cute Microsoft specialists — I will not name names but for sure, they made it easier for me to stay awake during the presentations. 🙂

4. WiFi in Seminar Room — PLDT provided the DSL which was shared by one of the Microsoft specialists. Good thing I was able to catch up with my email.

I am looking forward to the next CIO Summit. I hope that next time, I can bring my family with me and hopefully, the venue will have Internet connections in the rooms.

To Microsoft, thank you for inviting me!


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