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iPod Photo: First Details

Posted by rom on October 27, 2004

iPod Photo: First Details

From Gizmodo:

ipod_charles.jpg imageOkay, here’s the shortbread: it’s a 65k-color screen, 220 by 176 pixel resolution. Same click wheel as before. 15-hour battery life (rock!), iTunes is bumping up to version 4.7, iTunes will auto-sync album art so you can see that whiel playing. Store up to 25,000 photos transfered through iTunes (dunno about iPhoto support for Mac users iPhoto to organize, iTunes to sync. Got it.). Will support Adobe Album or Elements on the PC.

$500 for the 40GB version, $600 for the 60GB version (that’s too much, it makes me sad). Estimated shipping in 1-2 weeks.

There is a photo dock and an “AV cable.” More on that in a bit.

Also, you guys rock. I’ve gotten so many emails in the last 20 minutes I can’t even count them.

Press Release [Apple]

Looks like, eh? Well, I am sure that a lot of people will find it really a nifty gadget to go with their digital camera gears. Personally, I don’t think I’d bite the Apple with this one.

Don’t get me wrong, again, Apple made a great gadget. However, I am hoping that Apple will include video playback — not on its LCD screen but on its S-video out. It is already one step away from doing this and with Apple’s Quicktime technology, I am sure that Apple is working on this.


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