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Mac’s Opener Virus

Posted by rom on October 26, 2004

Opener Virus Not So Hot: “The new Opener virus (or “Malware”) does pose a threat, but that’s all it will ever pose. The script (as most educated users are calling it) disables OSX’s built-in Firewall, creates a backdoor, downloads a password cracker, and ships your cracked passwords out to a home base (I’m sure it sends out more, but that’s the most important item). However, like all scripts which modify system files, Opener must receive authorization from an administrator to run. Yes, this evil script will politely ask you for permission before ransacking your computer. The moral of the story is, don’t give access to unknown processes and don’t give your admin password to untrusted individuals.”

(Via MacMerc.)

This is one polite virus — asks the administrator/root if it can install itself and infect the system. Cool, huh? Well, with gates and windows securing one’s system, why is it so easy for trojans, virus and worms to infect that system as compared to open systems? Makes you wonder, huh?

I am just happy that I am using a system that based on open technology. No need for gates and windows.

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