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Palm One Treo 650

Posted by rom on October 25, 2004

PalmOne Treo 650 Announced: “

treo650_official.jpg imageGood morning, Team Internet. The Treo 650 webpage at PalmOne is live. See you back in a minute after we go read it, too.

Update: Okay, giving it a quick once over, there’s not a whole lot we didn’t know: upgraded screen, “upgraded” camera (still VGA), only 23MB of on-board non-volatile memory (ack!), and Bluetooth. The big story already seems to be the news that Sprint will cripple its Bluetooth implementation to prevent the use of the Sprint Treo 650 as a modem for laptops and other devices. Marc Hedlund at O’Reilly already is making noise about how he’ll be leaving Sprint because of it, and I’ll just chime in and say that decision will prevent me from choosing Sprint as my 650 carrier, as well, although they were the front runner in my choice of new carriers. Hopefully, AT&T Wireless/Cingular won’t break the DUN profile on their phones, because otherwise I’m going to have to execute every last one of these money-grubbing telco executives.

650 Links a-go-go after the jump. Feel free to send any more stories and we’ll add them in.

(Via Gizmodo.)

Well, I am still trying to convince myself that I need a PDA/cellphone. However, after dumping my Sharp Zaurus (now being used by my brother) in favor of my powerbook, I still couldn’t find the reason for me to get a PDA. I admit that it is tempting – the Treo simply is great! Oh well. The gadget freak in me says “save up for this device” but with Christmas just around the corner, I will just wait for good deals to come up before spending those precious cash. Who knows? The dual-core G4 powerbooks might get released this February, after the MacWorld SF announcement. 🙂


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