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SMPTE’s WMV9 adoption problem

Posted by rom on October 24, 2004

SMPTE Adoption Of WMV9 Hits Some Snags: “SysKoll writes “EETimes is running an interesting story about the future of the video codecs for HD DVDs. The Redmond Beast convinced both the Blu-ray Disc Association and the DVD Forum to adopt its WMV9 video codec over MPEG4 for the upcoming VC-1 standard that is mandated for high-definition video devices. That was a huge coup for MS. Now it turns out that Microsoft cheated and lied: its code is not as good as MPEG 4, the WMV9 reference implementation is not available, and the WMV9 test suite does not exercise all the features. The SMPTE might drop WMV9 after all. Apparently, a highly technical standard body is harder to snowjob than the usual clueless consumers.””

(Via Slashdot.)

I just hope that WMV gets dumped immediately and replaced with more open standards. I simply cannot believe that WMV to be superior than the MPEG standards.

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