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The Case for Open Source

Posted by rom on October 23, 2004

The Philippine Government should follow the lead of Singapore in promoting the use of Open Source software to save on unnecessary cost of continuous software upgrade from proprietary software vendors. Purchasing software from commercial software vendors is not entirely incorrect but the government should require free and perpetual software updates – this is what kills the government.

The bald guy from Redmond is worried but just as any decent captain saving his ship would do, he still bats for his home team. I am wondering what Microsoft will do should the Philippine government publicly announces preference to Open Source for its IT infrastructure… but then again, it is me dreaming for it to happen. 🙂


One Response to “The Case for Open Source”

  1. jowch said

    I totally agree with you, especially for small businesses that want to have a global presence. As opinion leaders of this concept we should head the movement towards the propagation of open source usage for busines solutions in our country

    –Joachim Guanzon

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