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Back home at last

Posted by rom on October 17, 2004

Three weeks away from the family really take its toll after the first week. I have been eager to return to the Philippines since the end of the Biomedical Informatics course. It is just that I no longer enjoy travelling alone. I’d rather be with my family when I travel. Heck, I did not even take that many photos as well. Normally, I’d shoot a couple of hundreds per week but I guess it was because I miss my family so much that I did not have the motivation to shoot.

Anyway, am now back home! Still jetlagged but will soon be back to normal (today, hopefully). I have tons of work to do but hey, it is ok! Got some much needed rest already.

Stay tuned – more updates soon.


One Response to “Back home at last”

  1. McArenas said

    Welcome back Prof_X. For sure, miss na miss mo family mo. No place like home talaga. Anyway, just bloggin here. update mo na din ang link ko sa blog mo: im now at blogspot :


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