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iPod is for thieves

Posted by rom on October 5, 2004

That bald headed guy from this certain criminal company stated that Apple’s iPod is for thieves who use it to store and play stolen music off of the Internet. This is another amusing rant from that bald headed guy who thinks that he is so great because he is from the criminal company.

If iPods are for thieves, then Windows OS are for pirates. Yes, how many people around the world use the “greatest” operating system on earth – legally? Think about that – even in the US of A, there are pirates using “extended” licenses (extended from their work computers or from “generous” friends). And oh, it is the “greatest”, of course – it is like a sponge — too many security holes that attract a lot of worms, trojans, viruses and everything!

To you, Mr. Bald Guy, I suggest that you just keep your mouth shut or embarass your criminal company further.

* Ang Pikon Talo!


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