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Time Shift

Posted by rom on October 2, 2004

I just noticed that the post I submitted earlier registered as Saturday, October 2. Whew! I forget to update the time zone of the blog. Oh well.

Anyway, the National Library of Medicine Biomedical Informatics Fall 2004 course ends tomorrow afternoon. I am glad that I was chosen as one of the fellows even though I am from the Philippines. The programme occassionally sponsors participants from outside of the United States – so color me lucky! 😀

With only two more sessions to go tomorrow, I can honestly say that I have learned a lot from this course. It’s far more from what I have expected. My task now is to be able to echo the same training back home or as they say it here, be a Change Agent. It is no easy task and I have identified a lot of problems to solve already but I shall start with the easiest first. 🙂

The friends I have made during the short stint here can be considered as icing on the cake! Yes, they are really fun people to be with even though we are coming from different backgrounds – clinicians, nurses, librarians and IT folks. I hope that our batch will maintain communication with each other even if only via e-mail.


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