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Long live PINE!

Posted by rom on October 2, 2004

Today marks the penultimate day of our Medical Informatics Fellowship. The class sessions ended early to allow fellows to see the neighboring sites such as Martha’s Vineyard. Well, the cheapskate in me decided not to go – I could use the money to buy shirts and toys for the kids back home. 🙂

Anyway, at the same time we were having our sessions, a conference was being held here at Woods Hole, too. I could not help but notice people accessing their email using the public access terminals on the first floor. And what do you know? I saw several of them using PINE! Yes, it is still alive and frankly, I do miss it as well. To add to that PINE revelation, I saw one of the MI Fellows, Terry, accessing his email using PINE as well. How cool can you get?!

Well, only saw another conference attendee using a TiBook. Maybe there are more and I just missed ’em. Our MI sessions are held at the MBL Club House – which is a 3 minute walk from the Swope Center, the dorm/conference venue.


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