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Woods Hole: Day 2

Posted by rom on September 29, 2004

After having a potato-based diet since Monday morning, I finally got to eat rice today. Whew! Lunch was white rice with beef stir fry. Not bad, I must say. The dessert table offered a lot of tempting cakes and pastries as well as ice cream. Argh! Must resist… it is difficult when you are offered free food every single day! Hehehe…

Anyway, today’s a lousy day due to the weather – it’s raining and I did not even bother to bring an umbrella or raincoat thinking that our classes will be in the same building as the dormitory. Shesh.

The Human-Computer Interaction lecture was pretty fun! Found a nifty tool that checks for a website’s accessibility or something. Tried it with a couple of sites and all failed! Bwahaha. I will talk more about it when I find the URL again.

Today’s highlight is a lecture on Decision Support by Prof. Edward Shortliffe, MD, PhD. The very same one who authored the book that I’m using for my classes and for reference. Darn! If I only knew, I would have brought that book with me – even if it was heavy – and ask him to sign it! 🙂 Even though his lecture was only for 2 hours, it was really interesting.

Oh yeah, I bought two shirts as souvenirs – one for me and another for the wife.

Yeah, yeah – photos will be posted soon. 🙂


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