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Wonder of wonders!

Posted by rom on September 28, 2004

I am in the US of A already – enjoying the beautiful Fall season here in the East coast. I promised I’ll be posting photos but that will come later in the week. I am still trying to adjust – my body clock still is in Philippine time and it may take another day for it to normalize.

The Medical Informatics course at the Marine Biology Laboratory is very interesting. We have perfect attendance, 30 students, from all over the US and me being the only non-American in the batch. My room-mate is an orthopedic doctor and a retired US Navy Admiral – beat that! 🙂 And no, I have not seen the great white shark that visited the Woods Hole cove.

I have been in touch with friends and family in the Philippines both via mobile phone (I am scared to see what my bill will be this October) and via the Internet. I can chat using ICQ and Yahoo! Messenger. And what is better is — I can call home for free using voice-over-IP. Yes, thanks to Xten! I have proven their technology and it is simply amazing. Get their products and get them now! Not to forget, I am also using the network of Sipphone. Try them, they provide great services!

Back to the course. I brought my Impette with me thinking that I’d be able to use it during the lectures but lo and behold! The course provided notebooks for EACH participant. Yes, we all were assigned notebooks for the week. The problem is, I did not inform them that I wanted a Mac! Darn it – I thought that I can use mine. Anyway, someone requested for a Mac and he got a TiBook! Good for him! As for me, I am back to Windows hell! BUMMER! Oh well – one week of torture. Good thing that I have fast Internet connection in my room where Impette happily gets her dose of Net packets!

Guess what? I have just finished Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons! Yes, it is one cool prequel to the Da Vinci Code. I opted to read this before Da Vinci code so that I’d have a better grasp of the entire story rather than doing a “Star Wars trilogy then prequels” thing! 🙂

I just remembered – Northwest uses a version of Linux on their planes. I cannot help but notice the projection screen and TVs to feature some of those text messages from a Linux console. I was tempted to ask what was happening and perhaps offer my assistance but then again, I might just cause the plane to crash! Heheheh…

As for the rest of my friends, I am back online and very much alive! I will be monitoring my mailbox and maybe you can catch me on Yahoo!, ICQ or iChatAV!

More updates in the near future… photos to come soon.


2 Responses to “Wonder of wonders!”

  1. cris said

    proffy!Ü wow.. they provide notebooks?! galeng!

    have a fantabulous trip, take lotsa pictures and we’ll catch you on ichat!Ü

    take care!

  2. Hi Prof, I also noticed that Linux console on my screen (I was flying business class). It looks like a strip down linux like the one in Nokia IP series. I asked the flight attendants and even the pilots about it but they said they don’t know, or they just won’t tell.

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