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Posted by rom on September 6, 2004

Well, I just created a mobile blog or moblog at G-blogs. This is still going to be my main site since I almost always online to the ‘Net anyway.

Why G-blogs? First of all, it is free. Free 20MB space that can hold text and photos. Uploading via your mobile phone, however, is not free. MMS (photo and text) costs PhP5 with a maximum photo size of 100KB. Normally, my phone takes photos at 50-70KB sizes and at PhP0.15/KB, photos easily translate to PhP7.50 to PhP10.50 a pop. So it is obviously cheaper in the long run. I prefer Flickr but it will cost me a lot of money to upload photos on-the-fly. That being said, we will see how it goes.

The moblog is empty at the moment but maybe in the near future it will be as active as this. Check out MoGeek, short for Mobile Geek.

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