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The Resurrection

Posted by rom on August 28, 2004

It’s alive! It’s alive! My mouse is back on its feet. Yes, I figured that I might as well dissect it and see if I can repair it. Wonder of wonders! It was just a broken connection that needed a simple soldering. Coolness! $75 saved! Whew! As Wallace and Gromit would say “’twas a close shave!”. 😀

The problem now is – it is so darn dirty! How on earth do I clean this thing? Tried the staedler solution (eraser) and it did not work. I might just visit the hardware store and see what I can pick up to clean it.

Impette, my powerbook, requires some adjustment. The hinge connecting the LCD to the body is squeaking. It is a minor cosmetic thing but requires expert tinkering. I will be bringing it to the technicians this Monday. Hope they can fix it asap. Can’t afford to be without my Impette for a few hours. Ha!


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