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I’m glad I did it!

Posted by rom on August 27, 2004

Well, I was kinda surprised about this article that I found written about the Apple Macs on a Linux site! You might not know it but I am one of the co-founders of the Philippine Linux Users Group (PLUG) back in the mid-1990’s. [hey! I am not THAT old, ok? hehe] Obviously Linux has a very special place in my heart – next to my Powerbook, of course.

Anyway, the article simply states that Macs are no longer expensive compared to its Intel-based/AMD-based counterparts. Yes, I refuse to say PC because the desktop Macs are also PCs – Personal Computers. I used to think that the Mac is a very expensive piece of hardware that only graphic designers and video professionals can use. However, thanks to Mac OS X, which is BSD UNIX-based, and the numerous adverts on the Communications of the ACM and IEEE Spectrum about computer scientists and rocket scientists switching to the Mac, I figured that they cannot be all wrong! hehehe… made the switch and never looked back! [hey! I still advocate Open Source over Proprietary software – see UP’s Open Source Portal]

Going back to the article, this is a very effective article to convince those who are Microsoft Windows obsessed folks to switch to a more robust and reliable platform. Hey! If you have an investment on Intel/AMD-based PCs, use Linux – it will save you money, time and also give you peace of mind (no more viruses!). But if you are looking for a new rig, get a Mac, you will not regret it!

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