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Bye-bye mickey!

Posted by rom on August 27, 2004

Well, I have this cool and minute bluetooth mouse

that goes with me and my Impette (my powerbook) everywhere I go. It is such a great thing to be unwired – wifi network, bluetooth mouse, bluetooth mobile phone and bluetooth headset.

The glowing light of an optical mouse may attract tiny insects but it can also attract little kids! Yes, my two year old son, Oz, has a habit of moving my optical mouse everytime he gets a chance. This time, however, he went a tad too far. Yes, he took the bluetooth mouse and did something to it. Now, it won’t turn on! It does not work! WAAAHHH! It is dead!

I am now back to using a wired mouse. Argh! Am contemplating on getting a similar mouse but it’s size is something that makes it not too comfortable for me (plus it sucks battery power like there is no tomorrow!). I am considering the Microsoft BT mouse, the Logitech BT mouse and the Kensington Mouse plus the Apple BT mouse, of course. So far, here’re my findings

  • Microsoft BT mouse – multiple, programmable buttons, scroll wheel, AA batteries, no on-off switch
  • Logitech BT mouse – multiple, programmable buttons, scroll wheel, rechargeable proprietary battery
  • Kensington BT mouse – multiple buttons, scroll wheel
  • Apple Wireless Pro mouse – one button, AA batteries, on-off switch

I don’t like taking out the batteries everytime I put the mouse in the bag so the Microsoft BT mouse is out. I don’t like proprietary batteries either, bye Logitech. The Kensington looks like it will be the one (it is cheaper, too) but no reviews yet so I don’t have any idea how good it is – besides, I am not sure if it uses AA batteries as well. The Apple BT mouse is looking more and more appealing to me inspite of its one button wonder. Can I live without the scroll wheel? Let’s see – I have the entire weekend to test a wired Apple Pro mouse. If I like it, I’ll get the Apple!


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