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Posted by rom on August 21, 2004

Yes, finally I got Globe to activate my SIM – a full 3 days after I was told that it will be activated within 24 hours! Thanks to the help of a former student of mine who now works at Globe (you know who you are, thanks!). Yesterday, I had my Smart line permanently disconnected a few minutes after getting an SMS from SM North EDSA Wireless Center informing me that I just need to send them another document so they can finally approve my application. Shesh! Told them that I am no longer interested and I do not want anything to do with Smart anymore!

With MMS and GPRS activated, I just need to activate Internet access so I can send email via my roaming email account at pinoymac. Would have been better if it were GMail but hey, pinoymac has been very reliable and fast!

Another FINALLY — I finally found a good supply of Ragu, the pasta sauce! Yes, Rustan’s at EDSA Plaza Shangri-La stock them. I used to get them at Rustan’s Katipunan but I don’t know why they are no longer stocking them. Bought two large bottles — sweet roasted onions & garlic and mushroom flavoured. YUMMY!!!!!


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