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Karate Kid or whatever

Posted by rom on August 17, 2004

Went to the mall this afternoon to finally complete my Globe postpaid application requirements and hoping that I’d get the SIM today. Well, unfortunately the person who handled my application was not there. The girl who assisted me told me that she’d call within the day if she gets lucky in tracking that person. Anyway, she called a few minutes ago to tell me that I can pick up my SIM tomorrow. Coolness!

Let’s go back a few minutes before going to the Globe business center. Ah, my wife, daughter and I decided to have lunch at SM Fairview. The new Annex sports a lot of new restaurants. Went to the second floor and found this Japanese restaurant called Karate Kid or something like that. Looked promising. We did not expect the same level of service as Saisaki, of course, and only expected something like Tokyo Tokyo, another Japanese fast food chain.

Ordered our usual fare of tekamaki, california maki and ebi tempura. The ebi tempura is inferior to that of Tokyo Tokyo! Yes, you could just imagine. It is the same as the Arigato Express Japanese fastfood in Don Antonio, QC. Incidentally, Arigato Express has a branch in SM Fairview as well – just a floor below Karate Kid. Anyway, the california maki and tekamaki sucked big time! YES, you are better off going to Arigato Express, which I do not recommend unless you do not have any other choice!

Final verdict: 1 of 5. Not recommended!

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