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New phone!

Posted by rom on August 13, 2004

I finally found the time to write about my new phone. Just got a Sony Ericsson K700i mobile phone. It is a big improvement over the old SE T630 that I used before (which is being sold later this afternoon). And true to the reviews, this one couldn’t last more than a day with normal use. However, I am off to the SE Shop to have its firmware upgraded. Anyway, besides the poor battery life, everything is great – photo, video, user interface speed, etc.

I switched! Yes, I switched again! NO, I did not go back to using Microsoft! I switched from Smart to Globe. I got so pissed with the way Smart handled their last promo and apart from probably one person who assisted me, their customer care service sucks big time! Yes, they’re so useless that they couldn’t keep up with their promises of calling back. Shesh! Anyway, Smart should step back and look at the quality of their customer service.

The problem with switching is informing people that I have a new number. I used Chikka to inform my friends of my new number. Since Chikka does not support Linux nor Mac with their IM client and their Java-based application simply does not work, I used their txt2mail service. Sent SMS via email to my friends. I took more than an hour to get feedback from the system (yes, do not use it for critical services) and it sent the SMS not only once nor twice but more than ten times! YES, it is very annoying! Imagine your phone beeping more than ten times with the same message! ARGH and double ARGH! I had to apologize to my friends about it. And what is worse is that there is no way to OPT OUT of the Chikka service. I am still looking for ways to have my number blocked from the Chikka servers! So, a word of warning to my friends who are using Chikka — do not send me SMS using that service.


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