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Airport Express

Posted by rom on August 10, 2004

Finally got an Airport Express unit. This unit, being from within the region, ridiculously sports the Singapore/UK three-pronged plug. Pretty useless here in the Philippines where sockets are similar to the US two/three prong-sockets! Apart from requiring an adapter to make it work locally, this plug is huge and heavy! Impractical, I must say.

Anyway, I tried setting it up without actually reading the manual (like any computer scientist would do) and I was able to set it up quickly. However, when I tried setting it up to extend my existing network, it kept complaining and wouldn’t “pair” due to the WPA setup on my Airport Extreme Base station. I had to remove it and reconfigure but not without resetting the Airport Express.

After a few minutes of tinkering with it, I made it work! First thing I tried is to stream music from my powerbook. All I can say is IMPRESSIVE! Yes, it is indeed awesome!

My take on this new add-on from Apple — good but not great (would have been great if there is a LAN port and it allows you to hook up any USB device such as a USB drive and also if it is possible to stream music to more than one Airport Express). Good thing I did not buy this (this is an office issued add-on for me). Perhaps I’ll get the next revision.


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