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Down but not out!

Posted by rom on August 6, 2004

Yes, am down with pink eyes (or locally known as sore eyes) today. I am hoping that by tomorrow, everything will be back to normal. 😀

Anyway, it has been a long day for me, too. Not much I can do because I need to rest my eyes. Boring…

Good thing that I was able to see the last four episodes of The Grid. For those of you who are into espionage and the likes of The Agency, Alias and Nikita, this is something that is worth watching! I hope that it will be shown locally soon. [don’t ask me where I saw it hehehe]

Darn it!
Of all the days that I am down with something, my colleagues planned a group trip to the local Starbucks! Yeah, big deal for most of you but hey, it is not everyday that I get to go out with these people. I am hoping that we can go out for coffee again next week, when I am better.

Geek alert
Well, heard that our Airport Express shipment finally arrived (and so did my port covers from Japan, courtesy of my friend from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs!) and will be delivered on Monday! YAHOO! I get to “keep” one for my personal use. No need to shell out 8K for my own. Maybe when Apple releases the second revision, hopefully with the LAN port, too.


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