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Posted by rom on August 5, 2004

Why am I not surprised if the country is in deep ****? Why am I not surprised if there are lots of criminals roaming the streets of the Philippines?

Yes, I am pissed again. Normally, I enjoy attending government sponsored IT-related events more so if I represent the university. However, this morning I attended one such IT-related event. It was held at one of the military/police camps in Metro Manila. The invitation stated that it will start at 9AM and everyone’s expected to be there at 830 to register. This is what I did – arrived there at 815 even! Not bad, huh? Hang on — I’ll tell you more in the next paragraph.

The event is to be opened by a high ranking government official. No problem BUT he arrived at 930! Talk about being punctual! And I thought that military/police events are strict on being punctual. Filipino-time as we always say (incidentally, this is one of the reasons why we are not progressing as a country!) and forgiveable.

The venue of the event is too small that the organizers provided seats and space for the media folks covering the event and the personalities they have invited… BUT none for the other people like us! And to think that we are supposed to be part of the advisory committee or something! I wouldn’t mind if there are space to stand up inside the room and hear the opening message of the guest of honor but NOOOOO – you cannot even get in the room because it was so crowded! YES, I hated it! I hated every minute of it!


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