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New TV!

Posted by rom on August 4, 2004

Yes, bought a new 21″ Sony WEGA TV! It has been a long time since I have upgraded our TV. The old one’s now with my brother. Spent an hour deciding which one to get – Samsung, JVC, Philips or Panasonic. There was even a sale – 6 months 0 interest! Ultimately, I have decided to get the tried and tested Sony Trinitron-based TV. The extra one thousand is sure worth it!

The kids are now happy watching Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and National Geographic! Oz is happier seeing the Food Network in its full glory! 🙂

Also saw the 9K Airport Express access point. It is very expensive considering that I ordered 5 at 8,500 but still waiting for stocks. One reseller even offers it at 8K. Oh well – just couldn’t justify the cost yet. I’ll just use one of the 5 I ordered for the office. Hehehe…


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