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Posted by rom on August 1, 2004

I just got my Mac OS X Tiger Developer Preview DVD the other day. Installed it on a “spare” hard drive to see the upcoming features of Apple’s next operating system. Tiger will be released next year – a full year (or more) BEFORE Microsoft’s Longhorn!

First impression is WOW! The Spotlight technology is awesome! Safari’s RSS is really great and Dashboard blows competitors out of the water! I am glad that I did not invest in a commercial RSS client (I use NetNewsWire Lite) and did not buy Konfabulator (believe me, I was tempted to get it but after living with the demo for a few days, it became just a useless desktop clutter for me. Don’t get me wrong but I am sure that Konfabulator is very useful for others!). Here is a screenshot of Dashboard.

Will I upgrade? Definitely! 😀

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